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OCT 20, 2024
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landlord wanted to take back the space.Cao's son Tanni Ishiwata, who runs the shop, said that when news came out about the closure, the

OCT 19, 2024
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group received more than 500 offers to accommoda▓te the project. A room of about 200 sq▓uare meters was chosen on the first floor of ▓the Shanghai Youth Activity Ce


nter."The center is in downtown Shanghai, so i▓t is con

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venient and safe for the kids to go to work by themselves. It is free and stable.▓ We can use it for long time," Ishiwata said."We moved our coffee mach▓ine and other equipment there today,▓" he added. The new shop will open in about a week."The kid

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s and their parents are excited about the new home. About 20 autistic youths and volunteers came to help ▓today," he said.Ishiwata said that a logo for t▓he coffee shop was designed fo

  • communicate with
  • different p▓eople and learn
  • to solve problems
  • so they can one day walk alon
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r the new home. It has two parts in a "puzzle"

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a▓rrangement锛峚 capital letter "A", repr?/p>

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坋senting the word for love in Chinese, and severa

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